New Choir- New Blog

I will continue to post here for my Little Wings classes and TSL prep choir, but I have a new blog for the youth choir:
Come check it out!


Summer Classes Are Here!

My preschool and baby music classes begin this week. I’m looking forward to seeing all their little faces and hear their sweet voices. I have lots of new songs and some great games that I’m looking forward to sharing!

Little Wings June 2013-tslLittle Wings June 2013

ALSO- I’m finally getting it together and recording my children’s CD this summer. Yay! AND I have a camp for kids where we’ll record some of the tracks, and then perform the songs at the Farmers Market in Hudson. It’s going to be a great learning experience- for everyone!

tsl camp 2013

Picture Books for Spring

This spring I am trying out some new books with my preschool music classes. My goal is to write at least two songs that complement these books. So that should be another post within a month!

Do you know any of these books? What are some of your favorites? Image

The Little Lamb was one of my favorites as a little girl, and I don’t think I’ve read it since I was about 5!

This next book just looked absolutely beautiful- lush in design and colors.


Munch Munch Munch¬†just looked very cute, and funny, with three little naughty bunnies. Lots of rhyming I can use to create rhythms and speech pieces, is what I’m thinking. Plus, “John the Rabbit” would be a perfect tie-in song.


Eric Carle’s books are always so beautiful, and little ones love them!Image


I knot that this one is great for music, as it’s all about the sounds one hears outside when walking.


I’d love to hear your recommendations! Do you use any in a class? With your children?

June 17th Show- so fun!